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Each year at this time, I (the maynard area auto club) send out an email asking you for your next year show info. I have all the info from last year and if nothings changed except the date, that's all I'll need. I keep past records of when you might normally have your show and many of those are already published on our website, so two things might have to happen here.

1. You can shoot your 2-14 show date and any other changes over to me

2. You can check our website just to see if i have it, and that it's correct.


This list is a 25 year thing that has evolved from nothing to over 800 events, some all over our great country, but most here in the northeast. many call it the bible. I encourage any and all of you to use it and to talk back to me by clicking the email link on the events page if something needs changing or you know of an event that we don't have.


IMPORTANT: when you email me back, please refer to your date/city/town because even though you'll only get an email that looks like it went to you personally, it's gone to several hundred and I can get very confused on my own without help from others. That'll info will allow me to go right to your old event.


If you haven't decided yet, please let me know when you might and I'll note that and won't bother you until then; and by all means if your show is ALWAYS on a certain date of a month, that's key information for me too. that'll allow me to carry your show forward in future years.


Thank you all so much, and I hope 2013 was a good year for you and here's hoping 2014 will be even better.




Events Bible courtesy Maynard Car Club.


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