This is not a club. There are no dues, committees, titles, agendas, treasury or minutes. Our's is a unique group of motorcycling and automobile enthusiasts. Our common interest is what brings us together. The diversity of our dinner participants and their willingness to share of themselves is what makes our gatherings interesting and worthwhile.

 To begin, let me define the group. For purposes of general identification we call ourselves "Motorheads".  We are motoring enthusiasts who meet irregularly to share a meal and our experiences with people of like interest. Among our group are people who have interests only in motorcycles and others who car only for cars. We have people who collect and store either or both and some who use their toys daily. There are people among us who do track or "driver ed" days on bikes or in cars and some who own antiques that rarely see the light of day. Some are passionate for Italian vehicles and others enjoy German, American or British machines. Diversity abounds. PB (Convener)

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